NEHU Even Semester Exams (II, IV & VI Semester) will commence from 2nd June 2022 onwards  |  Upcoming Commerce Stream; Session 2022-2023  |  Even Semester Classes 2022 from 1st March 2022  |  Computer Course (2021) - Computer Course for the session 2021 has commenced from 19/4/2021. Interested candidates can contact the Office for the same.

Subject Combination

A Student shall be allowed to opt for the Honours Course in a subject and two corresponding Elective Subjects either from Elective Group-A or Elective Group-B as indicated in thefollowing table

Honours Elective Elective Group-A Elective Group-B
Khasi --- History, Political Science
Education History, Political Science ---
Economics Political Science, History ---
Political Science Elective Language, Geography History, Economics
History Economics, Political Science Elective language, Political Science
Geography --- Economics, History
English History, Political Science ---


If a student opts for History as Honours B.A. Course he/she either chooses Economics & Political Science as Elective Subject combination from Elective Group-A or he/she can choose Political Science & Elective Language from Elective Group-B.

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