Add-On courses (Basics in computer, Spoken English, Spoken Hindi) from 1st August 2022  |  Commencement of Odd Semester classes from 18th July 2022  |  Upcoming Commerce Stream; Session 2022-2023

Department Designation Name
Political Science Head of Department Ms. Rishalin Kharshandi (MA)
Political Science Assistant Professor Ms. Sheriza J. Nonglait (MA, M. Phil)
Political Science Assistant Professor Ms.Banisha Marbaniang (MA)
Political Science Assistant Professor Mr. Wellcomestar Lyngdoh (MA)
Department Designation Name
Education Head of Department Ms. Daphiralin Myrthong (MA)
Education Assistant Professor Ms. Rikyntilaing Hoojon (MA)
Education Assistant Professor Ms. Wandahun Thongni (MA)
Department Designation Name
Geography HoD - Incharge Ms. Habalawanphaijingkmen Syiemlieh (MA, M. Phil, NET)
Geography Assistant Professor Dr. Kashyap Kumar (MA, PhD)
Geography Assistant Professor Ms. Baiaroihun War Shymbin (MA, NET)
Geography Assistant Professor Ms. Persara Kordor Wanrieh (MA, M. Phil, NET)
Department Designation Name
English Head of Department Ms. Risahlang Kharbuki (MA)
English Assistant Professor Mr. Constantine Dohtdong (MA)
English Assistant Professor Ms. Barilin Wahlang (MA)
Department Designation Name
Khasi Head of Department Ms. Meris Mary Sohsten (MA)
Khasi Assistant Professor Ms. Philaaisuk Marbaniang (MA)
Khasi Assistant Professor Ms. Emida Novereen Blah (MA)
Khasi Assistant Professor Ms. Glorious Diengdoh (MA)
Khasi Assistant Professor Mr. Kitboklang Iawrod (MA)
Department Designation Name
History Head of Department Ms. Nangtyngshain Hoojon (MA)
History Assistant Professor Ms. Modasuklin Dkhar (MA)
History Assistant Professor Ms. Lucia Kharmujai (MA)
History Assistant Professor Mr. Phyrnaiborsing Nongrem (MA)
Department Designation Name
Economics Head of Department Mr. Dawanmon Jalong (MA, NET)
Economics Assistant Professor Ms. Juliena Nongsiej (MA)
Economics Assistant Professor Ms. Mebaniewkor N. Sohlang (MA)
Department Designation Name
Sociology Head of Department Mr. Jeffreyson Wahlang (MA, NET with JRF)
Department Designation Name
Garo Head of Department Mr. Rikrak J. Sangma (MA)
Garo Assistant Professor Mr. Creciusly A. Sangma (MA)
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